LED Light Therapy + Green Tea = Rapid Results

LIGHTWAVE and ABI Dermaceuticals have teamed up to bring you a potent medical grade green tea hydrating gel formulated to significantly speed up the repair process achieved during LED light therapy and other light-based treatments. ABI’s Hydrating Recovery Gel with Green Tea is unsurpassed by any light based topical in the industry and is geared toward producing noticeable, lasting results.

Recently, scientists out of Germany, Andrei P. Sommer and Dan Zhu have documented the positive effects the topical application of green tea can have on the skin when used in conjunction with LED light therapy. In order to understand why green tea is so powerful, it is first important to understand how LED light can impact the body. Clients, who have previously been exposed to free radical damage from environmental factors prior to starting a light based treatment, can have elevated levels of reactive oxygen species
(ROS) present in the body. An excess of ROS can significantly inhibit the cellular repair process and delay rejuvenation progression. LED, IPL, laser and other light based treatments help to significantly increase cellular growth and repair aged skin. On the
other hand, as light speeds up the cellular metabolism process and cellular activity, ROS and waste are also produced as a byproduct. In many cases, during LED light therapy, the body will create powerful internal antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase (SOD)
to alleviate any excess ROS and waste. However, if the ROS levels stay elevated and the body is unable to dispose of the excess, it can substantially delay the rejuvenation process.

Now that we have established that excess ROS can slow down the rejuvenation process, how do we prevent this from occurring? Sommer and Zhu have found that by utilizing the powerful ROS scavenger known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is extracted from green tea, we can lower the levels of ROS within the body. When EGCG is applied daily in high concentrations, this antioxidant can reduce the presence of ROS and prolong the life of the cells responsible for transporting extracellular metabolic waste from the basal membrane to the top layer of the epidermis, resulting in accelerated
rejuvenation of the skin.1

In order to ensure the fastest and best possible results from your light based treatment, LIGHTWAVE and ABI have developed an aloe based gel that contains several medical grade ingredients including a high concentration of ECGC (green tea). This invaluable product will help to ensure your clients’ ROS factor remains low and your results remain high.

Journal Reference: Sommer et al. Facial Rejuvenation in the Triangle of ROS. Crystal Growth &
Design, 2009; 090818163352086 DOI: 10.1021/cg900688g

Anti-Aging LED Protocol:

Step 1 CLEANSER: Thoroughly cleanse the face using ABI Exfoliating Enzyme Wash. We suggest completing an Allure Cleanse in circular motions over the face and neck area until make-up, oils, and daily build-up has been removed. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2 LED RED/IR LIGHT: Expose the skin to program: Anti-aging, a 20 minute session of alternating Red and IR light.

Step 3 NUTRIENTS: Apply a dime size amount of ABI’s Hydrating Recovery Gel to stimulate the skin’s healing response, significantly increase skin hydration and to promote the skin’s natural barrier functions.

Step 4 EYE CARE: Apply a small pea size amount of Clinical Eye Repair to orbital eye area tapping the cream around the eye area starting with the outside of the brow bone and working your way around inward. Allow the cream to absorb into the skin completely before applying the sunscreen.

Step 4 SUNSCREEN: Apply an ample amount of sunscreen and allow it to absorb. Don’t massage the sunscreen into the skin. The closer the sunscreen remains to the epidermis, the more protection it will provide.

ABI Exfoliating Enzyme Wash

ABI Hydrating Recovery Gel

ABI Clinical Eye Repair

ABI Sensible Sunscreen SPF 30

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